Since 1998, Imaconcept has specialized in computer-generated imagery. We are experts in 3D filmmaking, 3D perspective but also 3D application development (virtual reality, serious game).

Virtual reality

With virtual reality, Imaconcept creates life-size 3D tours while maintaining striking realism such as details such as food and materials. We use the most advanced technologies in terms of immersion to create each virtual tour and allow the client to understand the volumes on a real scale.

3D interactivity and serious game 

We produce applications on demand such as Serious-Games or multi-platform simulations Android, PC, Mac and Linux. The power of current IT tools makes it possible to reproduce strikingly realistic scenarios, fully immersing the subject in a captivating and impactful context. 

Interactivity - 3D object

Another example of interactivity is the ability to manipulate 3D objects previously scanned in photogrammetry. With the current health challenge, remote communication and telework encourage us to find even more impactful marketing tools. Thus, we have the possibility of reproducing existing objects (or not) in 3D with an impressive realism, all encapsulated directly on an e-commerce merchandising site. To see this, we invite you to click on the image (to the left of this text) by moving the mouse. You can also put the window in widescreen to admire the quality of the image (fullscreen button at the bottom right).

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